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Evolution and opportunities in coffee packaging and distribution

Innovation and customization in coffee packaging with Zambelli

The coffee market is thriving and continually growing, with a steady increase anticipated in the future. Around 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily, making it a vital part of people's lives. Coffee is a favorite drink enjoyed worldwide and it’s a crucial global commodity, traded internationally and of great significance to the economy, particularly in producing nations. As a result, the spread of coffee has given rise to a vast industry that includes cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and, of course, preparation and consumption.

In this article we will examine the importance of choosing innovative packaging to differentiate in such a crowded industry and the crucial need to adapt to changing consumer needs, highlighting how Zambelli's tailored solutions can improve production efficiency and enrich the end customer experience.


Diversity in packaging and coffee type

Coffee used to be consumed mostly through simple brews. However, today's coffee world presents an immense variety not only in bean types and roasting techniques but also in the different forms of coffee accessible to consumers.  Capsule coffee is an example of a hassle-free and uniform alternative for lovers of a perfect cup of coffee in a short time. Whole coffee beans are the top pick for coffee lovers who enjoy grinding their own coffee to improve its freshness and aroma.
Ground coffee comes in various grain sizes and is perfect for preparing coffee in different ways like mocha, filter, and espresso.
Meanwhile, soluble coffee is the go-to choice for those who are short on time but still want to savor a coffee break. 

Challenges in coffee production, distribution and sales

This diversity in the world and in the coffee industry is a real challenge for producers and distributors, as they have to adapt to different production, logistical and marketing requirements for each type of product:

  • Differentiated production: each coffee format requires a specific production process. Capsules require encapsulation machines, coffee beans require customer-tailored grinding and soluble coffee must go through a complex freeze-drying or spray drying process. This implies investment in different and specialized technologies.


  • Packaging and shipping: each type of coffee needs unique and often personalized packaging to preserve its quality and aroma during transportation and storage. The case packers and shrink wrappers should adjust to the varied packaging requirements while being adaptable and versatile.


  • Marketing and branding needs: developing and maintaining distinct branding and marketing campaigns for each type of coffee is time and resource intensive, with the need to effectively communicate the unique benefits and characteristics of each variant.


  • Customized distribution: distribution needs to be tailored to the specific needs of different products-for example, capsules often require premium positioning in stores, while soluble coffee might have a broader distribution strategy.


  • Adapting to consumer trends: as consumer preferences constantly change, manufacturers and distributors must remain nimble and ready to adapt, both in terms of production and marketing strategies, to meet new trends and consumption habits.

Given all these challenges, the secondary packaging process becomes essential in ensuring that the finished product reaches consumers in the best possible shape. Not only that, it is necessary to choose versatile and customizable packaging machines that can handle various formats and package types. This becomes especially relevant when considering the wide range of coffee products available in the market. Packaging machines must therefore be able to quickly switch between the making capsules, packets of ground coffee, or bags of whole beans. This will save time and reduce waste.


Versatility in the packaging of coffee bags

The wrap-around case packers, like the ones provided by Zambelli, are essential in this context. They can adjust to different package sizes and types, making it possible for manufacturers to adapt to market demands. The specific wrap-around case packer for coffee bags meets the needs of the industry as it can pack bags in various formats. Thanks to the machine's ability to insert bags through a compartment and prepare them for different formats, it can create various package sizes. This flexibility meets the needs of both B2B, which includes distribution to bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments and B2C, adapting well to retail and e-commerce dynamics.

These machines improve production efficiency by decreasing downtime and increasing packaging speed. This is critical in a competitive market where quick response to consumer demands can determine success or failure.

different packaging for coffee beans, ground coffee and capsules. AP200W wrap around coffee case packer
packaging and counter display for coffee

Customized displays to enhance your coffee in the points of sale

Zambelli's intermittent motion case packers can also be used to create customized cardboard counter displays for coffee packaging. These display boxes combine the function of packaging and that of a display in a single solution: they are in fact designed to be both a protective packaging for the transport and conservation of products, and an effective marketing tool once they arrive at the point of sale. Not only do they guarantee optimal visibility of the product within the commercial establishment, but they also offer the opportunity to communicate the brand in a distinctive and immediately recognizable way.

Zambelli provides a packaging machine design service that is customized to meet your specific needs. Our service includes designing mechanical and electronic components to fit your requirements, not just the layout of the machine. We focus on listening to you during the design briefing stage to ensure the machine meets production requests with precision and punctuality. Choose Zambelli's innovation and customization to ensure optimal operation, improved efficiency and reliable coffee packaging. This will help you deliver the quality and distinction your product deserves, differentiate yourself on the market, and enhance your customers' shopping experience.

This will help you deliver the quality and distinction your product deserves, differentiate yourself on the market and enhance your customers' shopping experience. Contact us to discover our customized packaging options and revolutionize how you showcase your coffee to the world.