Discover our secondary packaging solutions for the coffee industry

Of all markets, this is perhaps the most special and delicate.

For people all over the world, coffee is a precious product that should be treated with the care that is reserved for the most cherished things.

Building machines for the secondary packaging of such a product raises the bar of responsibility and expectations that not only our corporate customers have, but the consumer himself. The latter is able to discern with absolute precision a quality product from one of poor value, and this is also and above all done by analyzing the condition of the packaging in which it is offered on the market. 

At Zambelli we have worked with companies in this sector especially over the past decades, and at the moment our production counts automatic packaging machines for:

  • Coffee powder
  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee pods
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Optimized customized systems
Optimized customized systems
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On-site or remote technical assistance
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Revamping of existing plants

Machines for the sector Coffee

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A type of packaging can be performed by different models of machines or optional modules. To facilitate navigation we have published only a few versions but we invite you to discover our entire range.