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Design of packaging machines

Zambelli-branded secondary packaging machines are unique pieces, specifically designed and manufactured for the customer who requests them and created to meet specific production needs.

This is precisely what drives our engineers to respond with hyper-customized design solutions, only after having carefully studied every detail of the customer’s production line, of the systems located downstream and upstream of the one requested from Zambelli, of the plant in general and of the space available for the new machine or machines. Thanks to this comprehensive analysis, the Zambelli Sales Department is able to send an offer that includes a custom-designed layout, facilitating the understanding and vision of the future packaging solution based on a Zambelli machine. But the layout of the machine is not the only thing that is not standard: the mechanical and electronic parts are also meticulously designed and modeled to effectively respond to the production needs outlined in the customer’s design brief.

The Zambelli Method is simple and “smooth as oil”, because it is consistent with our packaging style: the product undergoes the least amount of handling possible inside the machine.

This results in:

  1. zero complications
  2. a reduction of raw material waste
  3. cost savings

When you choose a Zambelli machine, you choose to simplify your life.