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An innovative approach to packaging machine design

Zambelli packaging machines stand out as unique pieces, tailor-made for the customer. They are designed to meet detailed and specific production needs.

Our team of engineers is committed to providing highly personalized design solutions. This is done only after a thorough analysis of every aspect of the production line, adjacent plants, and available space within the plant.

Thanks to this meticulous analysis, our Commercial Department is ready to provide an offer that includes a tailor-made layout. This facilitates understanding and allows you to imagine how the new Zambelli machine will integrate within the plant.

However, customization is not limited to layout alone. Mechanical and electronic components are also designed and modeled to ensure an effective response to requests made during the design briefing.

The Zambelli Method reflects our packaging philosophy: minimize product movements within the machine. This approach guarantees:

  1. No complications
  2. Minimal loss of raw materials
  3. Significant economic savings.

When you choose a Zambelli machine, you choose to simplify your life.