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Passion for packaging machines since 1969

Past, present and future of leading secondary packaging machine building company 


Since our  founding in 1969, Zambelli has distinguished itself as a pioneering company in the secondary packaging machinery industry. Our history has been marked by an unwavering commitment to the development and innovation of packaging solutions, with the aim of ensuring safe, compliant and perfectly adaptable packages for different market contexts.

Over these decades of activity, we have steadily expanded our scope, evolving from a small company to a global benchmark in the history of secondary packaging development. Each stage of our journey has been marked by a deep respect for tradition in secondary packaging solutions, combined with an unrelenting pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Our story is one of growth and transformation, reflecting our future commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry, always true to our mission of delivering high quality, reliable packaging solutions that meet the expectations of our customers around the world.