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Shrink film for secondary packaging optimization

What is shrink film?

Shrink film is a key component in the packaging industry, widely used because of its unique characteristics and versatility. It is a plastic film made of polyethylene that has the unique characteristic of shrinking when subjected to heat: in fact, one of the unique properties of polyethylene is precisely that it shrinks uniformly when subjected to high temperatures. This shrinkage process is known as two-dimensional shrinkage, since the film shrinks in both length and width.

The use of shrink film in packaging

In the packaging process, shrink film proves to be a key element due to precisely these unique characteristics. This type of film can shrink up to 50 percent or more of its original size, depending on its specific composition and the product to which it is applied.

But how does this process take place? Using specialized machines, the shrink film can shrink in a matter of minutes, or sometimes even seconds, depending on the heat conditions and the characteristics of the film itself. The use of high-intensity heat sources, such as specially designed heating tunnels, can greatly accelerate the process, making shrinking almost instantaneous and optimizing the secondary packaging process.

Heating tunnels are designed for this specific purpose: to pass the film through the machine, exposing it to controlled temperatures that uniformly activate the shrinking process over its entire surface.

Alternatively, there are hand tools known as heat shrink guns. These devices emit focused heat and are useful for small-scale shrinking or for specific details. With these shrinking options, shrink film offers tremendous flexibility in packaging, ensuring optimal protection and presentation of products.

What advantages does shrink plastic film offer?

The advantages of shrink plastic film in secondary packaging and product packaging are several:

  • they offer excellent product stability: the ability of the film to conform to the shapes of the products allows them to be kept stable inside the packages, reducing the risk of damage during transport
  • allow multi-item packaging: as mentioned earlier, one of the key advantages of shrink film is its ability to package multiple products or assortments in a single package. This simplifies transportation and product handling.
  • allow easy application: shrink film can be applied relatively easily using special machinery such as shrink wrappers.


bottles packaged with shrink wrap

For which sectors is shrink film used for secondary packaging?

Shrink film is widely used in various sectors for secondary packaging, especially for the packaging of multiple items. Its role is particularly relevant in facilitating the safe transport and storage of product assortments, ensuring that they remain intact and protected from the place of production to the place of sale.

For example, it is commonly used for secondary packaging of products in industries such as:  

  • Food, where it is used to package boxes of food products, spray cans, cans, bottles, and various other items.  
  • Of cosmetics and household products, where it is used to package products such as creams, tubes, lotions, perfumes, bottles, and makeup.
  • Pharmaceutical, useful for multiple packages of drugs and health care products.
  • Pet food, for packaging cans and tins.
  • Editorial: used for packaging books, files and other publishing products.
  • Beverage: used for packaging multiple packages of beverage bottles, such as for packaging bottles for waters or carbonated soft drinks, as well as cans.


shrink film for boxes
shrink film for cluster

Shrink wrapping machines: shrink wrappers from Zambelli Packaging

Zambelli Packaging's sealing bar or film-throw shrink wrappers provide a complete solution for a wide range of packaging needs. These shrink wrapping machines are designed to precisely pack bottles, cans, bricks, clusters and boxes using single film, flat layer pad plus film or tray plus film.

However, what really makes Zambelli Packaging's shrink wrappers unique is their cantilever frame. Thanks to this innovative design, the operator side remains free of moving parts, ensuring optimal safety and visibility. All moving parts, the electrical panel and the pneumatic part are positioned on the side dedicated to maintenance, always in view to simplify the maintenance operation. This distinctive strength is what differentiates our shrink wrappers and ensures their efficiency and reliability in the packaging industry.

Not only that, Zambelli Packaging's shrink wrappers include several models of shrink wrapping machines. One example is the LFT tray + lid shrinkwrapper that can pack even products with a sharp bottom edge, thanks to the addition of a tray or flap that repairs and acts as a base for the film.
Another example is the LFT shrinkwrapper with pre-shrink handle that allows the application of strong handles that are useful for transport.

Whatever your shrink film application needs, Zambelli Packaging can design custom shrink wrapping machines to meet your specific packaging needs.

Contact us for a personalized consultation on our shrink wrapping machines and other packaging solutions!