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Bottles are to date the packaging most commonly used to package both widely consumed products such as natural water and niche products such as fine wines. 

Every format, every material used - whether glass or plastic, recycled or not - must be subject to strict regulations and be of excellent quality in order to enter the market and reach the consumer. 

To do this, however, it is necessary to build secondary packages around these packs that can withstand shocks, overlapping, transportation and exposure to temperatures and environments that are not always 100 percent safe. 

So packaging machines for glass and plastic bottles become a key tool in the success of the beverage production chain. 

This industry has always been our workhorse, since the company's inception in the 60s. Thanks to shrink wrappersintermittent motion case packers or continuous motion case packers, we have been able to serve customers all over the world, complying with every aspect of legislation and meeting the ever-changing needs of the markets we have entered. 

One example is a collaboration with the cardboard companySCA, which has created an innovative new secondary packaging: ARCWISE CARTON

We had the honor of using the Arcwise Carton in our continuous motion case packer WR 20/30 model, designed and built to pack glass water bottles


These corrugated and rounded cardboard packages are:

  • suitable for the assembly and automatic filling of Zambelli continuous motion wrap-around case packers
  • Created using raw materials obtained from renewable sources
  • Developed to reduce the CO2 footprint in the environment
  • Designed to reduce the use of cardboard, thanks to the rounded edges, which ensures lighter packaging and lower production costs.
  • Biodegradable

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