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Food cans are containers suitable for storing foods with a medium and long shelf-life including pet food and baby food, or foods such as legumes and sauces of various kinds. They are made of steel or aluminum and, thanks to their cylindrical shape, they are a type of packaging that is stable and easy to handle.

For this reason, it is possible to increase the production speed without a high risk of damaging the product or it overturning as it makes its way along the line. In fact, Zambelli branded packaging machines for food cans are able to work at different speeds according to the customer’s needs, always paying due attention to the product and avoiding problems during production.

Beverage cans are containers commonly made of aluminum or steel. They are stable, but a lot of care is required in handling this type of packing because of the risk of the cans being bruised and easily damaged.

For this reason, Zambelli designs and manufactures packaging machines capable of quickly sorting and packaging beverage cans, without the risk of damaging them during the transport along the production line.

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