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Doypack® packs are resistant packaging but soft to the touch. Moreover, their characteristic position is vertical and they can include a “spout” cap. The particular shape of this type of packaging, which varies from rectangular to wavy, with or without a cap placed on the sides or in the upper part of the pack, makes the handling of Doypacks inside the packaging machines quite difficult. For this reason, Zambelli’s Doypack® packaging machines are equipped with a Pick & Place robotic system designed to better manage the mobility of the various types of packaging, even those with the most irregular shapes.

To meet the customer’s needs, Zambelli also designs and manufactures packaging machines for flowpacks. These allow the customer to quickly change formats according to their specific production needs and, thanks to the care and attention to every detail, it is possible to avoid jams along the line, by meticulously designing every part of the machine with the aim of ensuring a smooth packaging flow from start to finish.

This is an extremely customizable type of packaging, which can be used to pack various kinds of products with different storage needs and, given their shape, they can be difficult to package without the risk of damage.

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