Discover our secondary packaging solutions for the food industry

Working with many companies in the Food supply chain, we have been able to specialize in secondary packaging of some of the top products for FMCG and e-commerce sales. 

Over the years we have built automatic machines for secondary packaging of:

  • Dairy - Butter, margarine, spreadable cheese, cream, yogurt, milk and dairy products
  • Ice-Cream - Packaged in trays and for HORECA
  • Tomato - Puree, pulp, concentrate and ready-made sauces
  • Sauces, Spices and Seasonings - Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickled and pickled foods, oil and vinegar
  • Legumes, Vegetables and Fruits - Preserved fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts
  • Pasta, Cereals and Bakery - Packaged pasta, lasagna sheets, rice and derivatives
  • Sweet and Savory Snacks - Cookies, breakfast cereals, spreads, jams, snacks, chocolate, savory snacks
  • Sugar
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Optimized customized systems
Optimized customized systems
On-site or remote technical assistance
On-site or remote technical assistance
Revamping of existing plants
Revamping of existing plants

Machines for the sector Food

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A type of packaging can be performed by different models of machines or optional modules. To facilitate navigation we have published only a few versions but we invite you to discover our entire range.