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Does the choice of cartoner affect coffee packaging?

The essential role of secondary packaging in the world of coffee

Coffee, one of the most widely traded consumer goods, must be perfectly preserved as it travels through different climates and geographies. From distant plantations in Latin America or Africa to supermarket shelves in Europe or Asia, the way it is packaged becomes a key consideration. But to what extent does the choice of packer affect how coffee is packaged?

While primary packaging ensures the freshness and integrity of the coffee, secondary coffee packaging acts as a shield, protecting the product from logistical and environmental challenges. Coffee bags, for example, have to deal with varying temperatures, mechanical stress and humidity. The case packer is more than just a machine: it is a key element that determines the strength, appearance, and effectiveness of the secondary packaging.

What are the requirements for a coffee case packer?

As we have just seen, coffee travels a very long way before it reaches the end consumer. The secondary packaging of coffee is crucial not only for the presentation of the product, but also for the protection and preservation of the coffee's quality. Coffee producers and sellers face several challenges:

  • Ensuring protection during transport: since coffee often travels long distances through different climates and conditions, secondary packaging must ensure that the inner packages are protected from physical damage, moisture and external contaminants.
  • Optimize the storage phase as much as possible: Coffee bags in particular can be unstable and fragile. This makes them difficult to stack and store without risk of damage, resulting in economic losses due to damaged product.
  • Adaptability to different sizes and shapes: Coffee manufacturers often offer different types and sizes of primary packaging (e.g., bags, sacks, and plastic packaging). Secondary packaging must be able to accommodate these variations.
  • Packaging speed: in an industry where demand can fluctuate and deliveries must be timely, it is critical to have packaging machines that can process secondary packaging quickly without compromising quality.
  • Presentation and branding: in a highly competitive market, secondary packaging must be not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and in line with the brand image. Differentiation on the shelf is crucial.

So, does the choice of case packer affect coffee packaging? The answer is a resounding yes. Case packers determine not only the quality and strength of the secondary packaging, but also brand perception and product presentation to the consumer. In the competitive world of coffee, investing in a good case packer can mean the difference between a successful product and an unsold product.

Zambelli Packaging solutions for secondary coffee packaging

Recognizing all these challenges, Zambelli Packaging is able to design and manufacture specialized packaging machines for coffee bags. These machines are designed to handle bags in a variety of formats, always ensuring an optimal position during packaging. 

For example, continuous motion case packers and intermittent motion wrap-around case packers that can create customized boxes or wraps around products during the packaging process. This type of packaging also offers the ability to create display boxes or retail-ready packaging, secondary packaging that becomes a product display in the store.

Zambelli Packaging customized solutions for secondary coffee packaging

This type of packaging, consisting of a tray and lid, is an optimal and sustainable retail solution, not only for product preservation, but also as an extension of the company's branding. In fact, the customization of displays allows coffee producers to make their products stand out on crowded store shelves. Through their customized structure and design, these displays can reflect brand identity, tell a story and capture consumer attention.

When we talk about efficiency in the production chain, machine speed is a critical element. Zambelli Packaging's packaging machines are not only accurate and reliable, but also incredibly fast, allowing companies to maintain high production volumes without compromising on packaging quality. The speed and efficiency of these machines reduce downtime and optimize the pace of work, ensuring higher productivity.

But what really sets Zambelli Packaging apart from the competition is its focus on customization. Each machine is designed to meet the customer's specific needs, taking into account factors such as size, materials, and specific transportation and storage requirements. This custom design ensures that each product is optimally packaged, protecting the coffee during critical stages of transportation and ensuring that it reaches the customer in perfect condition.
Zambelli Packaging offers a complete solution for coffee producers. From speed to customization, every aspect of the packaging machine is designed to meet the specific needs of the industry, ensuring that secondary packaging is not only functional, but also a powerful marketing and branding tool.

Need a custom packaging solution for your coffee? Don't wait. Contact Zambelli Packaging and find out how we can revolutionize your packaging process and improve the presentation and protection of your product!