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How automatic case packers work: an in-depth study

Exploring the technology that is revolutionizing industrial packaging

To fully understand the value of automatic case packers, it is useful to understand how these sophisticated machines work. Both continuous motion and intermittent motion case packers share the same basic principle: to automate the packaging process, reduce manual labor and improve efficiency.

Let's see how they work, what advantages they offer and what solutions Zambelli Packaging has to offer!

How do cartoning machines work?

Cartoning machines are automated devices designed to facilitate and speed up the process of packing products into cartons. Their operation, although it may vary depending on the specific model and functionality, follows a sequence of basic steps.

  1. First, boxes or cartons are fed into the machine in flat or semi-folded form. These are then removed from the die stock by a system of suction cups or similar picking mechanisms. Depending on the type of machine, the carton may be pulled continuously or intermittently.
  2. Next, the cartons are folded and formed through a series of mechanisms and guides; during this stage, the shape and size of the carton can be adjusted to meet the specific packaging needs of different types of packages.
  3. Once formed, the cartons are filled with product. This can be done manually or automatically, depending on the specific machine and packaging operation.
  4. Finally, the filled cartons are sealed, usually with hot melt adhesive or tape. In some cases, it is also possible to print information on the box during the final step of the process.

By automating these steps, case packers enable faster, more efficient, and more accurate packaging, saving companies time and resources and providing greater control over the quality of the final product.

Using case packers: the benefits of automatic packaging

In modern industry, automatic case packer machines have become an indispensable resource, used worldwide to improve productivity and efficiency in packaging processes. These versatile and powerful machines are a key solution for packaging needs in a variety of industries, including beverage, food, pet food, coffee, home and personal products, and general industry.

  • Reduced packaging time: unlike manual packaging, which can be slow and error-prone, automatic case packers can quickly process a large volume of products, speeding up the packaging process.
  • Improved packaging quality: the precision of automated machines ensures that packages are uniformly packed and sealed, reducing the risk of damage during transport.
  • Package personalization: companies can create distinctive and recognizable packages that reflect the brand image and stand out on the shelf.
  • Minimize errors: because they are fully automated, they reduce the likelihood of human error, ensuring consistent, high-quality packaging every time.
boxes packing on roller conveyor

Zambelli packaging case packers: differences and applications

With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing packaging machines, Zambelli Packaging offers two types of cartoning machines that differ in their operation: continuous motion cartoning machines and intermittent motion cartoning machines.

Zambelli Packaging's continuous motion case packer machines are optimized for high speed operations. The continuous motion tooling makes these machines ideal for high volume production where efficiency is critical. The wrap-around or tray packing option makes them suitable for a wide range of products, especially those requiring more robust packaging or display boxes.

On the other hand, Zambelli Packaging's intermittent motion case packers are more suitable for more complex packaging operations or for delicate products. The intermittent motion of the punching motion allows for greater accuracy and control. These machines can pack in both RSC and wrap-around, making them flexible for a wide range of packaging needs. They are ideal for companies that need to customize packaging based on product or customer requirements.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your packaging process with customization, Zambelli Packaging is the partner you are looking for. Contact the company to find out how automatic cartoners can revolutionize your production!