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Sale of case packers machines in Canada

Sale of case packers for RSC and wrap around cases in Canada

Is your company based in Canada and are you looking for reliable and efficient case packers machines? Zambelli Packaging has the right products for you! Since 1969, the company has been specializing in the design and production of innovative and technologically advanced packaging machines and is also involved in the sale of case packers machines for the Canadian market. Thanks to a team of specialized technicians and engineers and to the experience acquired in over fifty years of activity, Zambelli packaging is able to offer its customers reliable, precise and robust case-packers, which can be used on any type of cardboard, both RSC and wrap around, with a quick and simple format change-over.

Zambelli Packaging: a leader company for the sale of case packers

The attention to customers' needs and the constant investments in research and development, as well as the use of a user-friendly technology to ensure a quicker installation, commissioning and maintenance, make Zambelli Packaging one of the leading companies in the packaging sector. The company is always in search of innovative and cutting-edge solutions to meet any customer's needs and guarantee high performances, quicker operations and a reduction of the cost of the equipment management. Zambelli case packers also ensure:

  • more autonomy for the operators;
  • easier cleaning and maintenance operations;
  • high resistance and less wear, with less maintenance costs;
  • quick and easy format change-over,

Zambelli case packers for the Canadian market

Zambelli’s case packers for sale in Canada are specifically designed to run any type of cardboard, RSC or wraparound with high quality results. Among the different case packers available, you can find:

  • AP200 case packers, an automatic packaging machine suitable for cartons and flow-packs in RSC (pre-glued or American case) with a fast change-over and transparent access doors to facilitate cleaning and maintenance interventions;
  • FRC case packers able to ensure maximum precision, reliability and fast change-over due to servo motors on all pushers;
  • RCV case packer suitable for food cans, gusset bottom bags and PET pots;
  • AP 200 W wrap around case packer suitable for beverage cans, bricks, cartons, glass bottles and jars, PET bottles and pots, HDPE bottles, gusset bottom bags, Doypacks ®.

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