FRC Model

American carton packaging (RSC)

FRC Model


This model is an intermittent motion case packer for American cardboard (RSC).

This model of packaging machine is composed of the following areas, all servomotorized:

  1. Product collection area
  2. Carton blanks pick-up area
  3. Carton formation area
  4. Bundle preparation and carton loading area
  5. Closed cartons area

Machine Details

Special groups

Continuous box stacker for high speeds
Continuous stacker for stackable cans

Can stacking system consisting of infeed belts complete with overlapping unit with stars.

The cans transported to the entrance of the machine are then packaged in tray + film or wrap-around.

Intermittent motion box stacker for low / medium speeds


All the moving parts of the machine that are subject to format change can be equipped with brushless motors for quick format change.

Through the PLC, it is possible to automatically activate the lubrication pump for a time that can be set according to the hours of operation of the machine.

The touch screen PC includes, in addition to what is described, also: the alarm signaling complete with photos and explanation for the relative reset, the video instructions for the format change, the list of recommended spare parts, the wiring diagram, the user manual and maintenance of the machine and, finally, the performance statistics of the machine.


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