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Zambelli Packaging is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines production, which for over forty years designs and implements specific solutions to the needs of its customers, taking care of all the steps of the production process: design, manufacturing and assembly, installation, technical documentation, spare parts and upgrades.

Zambelli packaging machines production includes cartoners, shrinkwrappers, case packers and robotics, all made with user friendly technologies that reduce installation time and facilitate the training, contributing to a greater autonomy in the use of machines, elements that contribute to the reduction of their cost management. Moreover, Zambelli Packaging’s machines are built with innovative and functional technology solutions that are based on advanced control systems and on the reduction of moving parts, providing less wear and minor adjustment interventions. Another service provided by the company in the packaging machines production is the wide range of choices in products and formats that ensure flexibility and greater productivity and efficiency.

One of the most important values of packaging machines production of Zambelli Packaging is the attention to the environmental impact, with low energy consumption, made possible by bundling machines with cutting-edge solutions and specifications for the retraction of the film, that, furthermore, makes packaging without aesthetic defects.

Are you searching for robust and flexible packaging machines production that are also professional and efficient? Zambelli Packaging’s shrinkwrappers can work different sized products using a quick and easy format change, representing a good compromise between reliability of mechanics and electronics capabilities.

If you are interested in the packaging machines production for beverages, milk and dairy products and canned food, Zambelli Packaging’s handle applicators provide the following benefits:

  • Integration with bundler and then leaving the tape to the accumulation phase.
  • Perfect adhesion even in the processing of bottles filled, even in cold summer environments, avoiding humidification of the film with the positioning of the handle before the packaging of the product.
  • Facilitating and accelerating the filling of the adhesive and the paper.
  • Handle applicator that works on al shrinkwrappers on single, double or triple lane.

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