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Designing packaging machines

Zambelli Packaging for more than forty years is working in the designing packaging machines field, taking charge of all the specific requirements, taking care of every stage in the production process: design, manufacturing and assembly, installation, technical documentation, spare parts and upgrades.

In designing packaging machines, Packaging Zambelli produces cartoners, shrinkwrappers, case packers and robotics, which allow you to reduce installation and training time, thanks to the user friendly technology with which they were made, that make it easier an autonomous management of the facilities, contributing to a more convenient management, facilitating the operator’s maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, the moving parts of the control systems cause less wear and minor adjustment interventions. The wide range of products and formats offered by Zambelli Packaging in designing packaging machines ensures flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

The low environmental impact is one of the fundamental values of the designing packaging machine of the company, which is committed every day to achieve low power consumption, made possible thanks to bundling machines, advanced and specific installations for the retraction of the film, that result parcels without aesthetic defects.

Are you looking for reliable and efficient cartoners? Zambelli Packaging’s cartoners are innovative machines that pack cartoners of different types and sizes, through a quick and easy format change.

In designing packaging machine, the AP50 cartoner, for example, is an automatic plant that manufactures pre-glued cartons, ensuring an excellent result in the functionality with different types and sizes of product, capable to close cartons by tuck-in or hot glue, with the transparent access doors on the sides of the machine to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the operators, with switches that prevent the machine to continue to work in case of opening, achieving maximum safety.

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