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Packaging machines for the beverage industry

Beverage packaging machines made in Italy

Italy is the world’s top destination for food and beverage. With centuries of enviable culinary traditions, Italy is home to Zambelli, specialized in beverage industry packaging machines.

Why choose Zambelli beverage packaging machines

From lane dividers to shrinkwrappers, case packers and gadget inserters, Zambelli offers a full range of packaging solutions for the beverage industry.

Zambelli packaging machines for the beverage industry

Zambelli proudly offers the following packaging machines for use with drink cans, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, tapered cups, glass bottles, Jerry cans and more:

Gadget insertion: a pick and place robot system can be integrated with Zambelli packers to insert a variety of gadgets, such as cartoon character drink caps, into packaging.

Lane dividers: compatible with a wide variety of packaging styles, Zambelli lane dividers collect containers from a single lane and, using a swing arm, divide them into multi-lane conveyors.

WR 20-30-40 Case Packer: the Zambelli WR 20-30-40 Case Packer groups products into cardboard cases and seals it shut with a hot glue gun.

CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper is a continuous-motion packaging machine that can wrap a variety of different products using heat shrink film with or without cardboard.

LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper: the LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper relies on a state-of-the-art cantilever frame that allows for easy maintenance.

LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrapper: The LFT 50-60-70 Skrinkwrapper is easy to run, maintain and change to different product formats.

LFT 90-120 Shrinkwrapper:The LFT 90-120 Shrinkwrapper is a continuous-motion machine with advanced cutting technology that saves in plastic, making it an environmentally friendly option.

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