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Sale of packaging machines for canned food in the US

Food can packaging machines for the United States market

Italy, known around the world for its dedication to culinary excellence, is also home Zambelli, experts with fifty years of experience in food and drink packaging, including canned goods packaging machines for the US market, including case packers, shrinkwrapping machines, handle applicators and lane dividers for a fully integrated canned food packaging process.

Sale of packaging machines for canned food in the US: why Zambelli

Zambelli offers a range of handle applicators, lane dividers, shrinkwrappers and casepackers for the canned food industry. Zambelli machines are gentle enough to protect glass jars while offering operators a quiet workplace.

Zambelli machines to package canned food

  • Handle applicator: the Zambelli handle applicator applies a carrying handle to shrink film. The applicator is compatible with Zambelli shrinkwrappers.
  • Lane divider: the Zambelli lane divider is crafted with a transparent access door for fast cleaning and maintenance.
  • LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper is a flexible machine that combines top-quality electronics with robust machinery, making it easy to run, maintain and reconfigure for different product types.
  • LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrapper allows operators a full view of the grouping and wrapping phases, while all moving parts are protected by safety clutches.
  • LFT 90-120 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli 90-120 Shrinkwrapper uses the lap seal method and be used for film only, flat pad and film or tray and film packaging.
  • WR 20-30-40 Case Packer: the Zambelli 20-30-40 Case Packer groups products in both corrugated and solid form cardboard and seals them with hot glue.

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