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Zambelli Packaging for Mondelēz International

Snacking Made Right: from the start to the End-Of-Line

Among the most renowned companies in the Bakery sector, Mondelēz International certainly stands out. Present in over 150 countries worldwide, it boasts snack brands such as Oreo, Ritz, Milka, and Toblerone, just to name a few.

A leader in the biscuit sector, including cookies and crackers, as well as in the chocolate industry, the mission that accompanies the company's entire production is encapsulated in their iconic phrase: "the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way."

As a result, the quality standards to be met during production are extremely high, and it is for this reason that being chosen as a partner by a company like Mondelēz International is a matter of great pride, as it means becoming part of a process perfected over the years, designed to offer the market the best product under the best possible conditions.

This is the case with the production line of Premium Snacks, in which Zambelli has participated, providing Mondelēz International with the machine for secondary packaging of cracker cartons.

A Special Combi Machine: between large formats and high efficiency

Among Mondelēz International's production lines is the one dedicated to Premium Saltines and Fresh Stacks products – snacks and crackers – packaged in boxes of variable size.

The company's requests were mainly two:

  1. The need to package in large formats, as well as with trays with higher walls than usual standards; 
  2. The need to achieve an extremely high level of efficiency along the entire production line, to avoid machine downtime and the consequent waste of product that would need to be discarded.

What did Zambelli propose to meet these requirements?

Regarding formats, the team of engineers opted for the design of a packaging machine capable of packaging both in film only and in high-wall tray and film, ensuring the possibility of creating secondary packages of medium-large size. This was made possible thanks to the presence of a much larger die warehouse compared to that used in traditional packaging machines; furthermore, the possibility of further expansion in the future was foreseen, thus avoiding the risk for Mondelēz International of having to study a new plant in case their production needs changed.

Finally, particular attention was paid to improving the efficiency of the packaging machine, with the aim of minimizing the chances of hitches along the production line.

Watch the video of Mondelēz International's production line

Below you can watch the video of the Zambelli packaging machine during the production of Premium Fresh Stack crackers, for the full video of the entire line, click on this link.

Are you looking for a top-tier secondary packaging equipment?

Feel free to contact us for more details, we are committed to creating a tailor-made solution that meets your unique requirements, just like our partnership with Mondelēz International, perfecting a machine that will propel you toward your business goals.