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Learn about wrap-around: the ideal solution for secondary packaging

What is wrap-around and what are the benefits for secondary packaging?

To meet the increasingly specific needs of today's industry, secondary packaging technology continues to evolve. One such cutting-edge innovation is the Wrap Around, a type of case packer that aims to optimize the secondary packaging process and provide a safe and reliable solution for product packaging. Secondary packaging is a critical step in the packaging process as it aims to ensure the protection and integrity of products during transportation, distribution and shelf display. Especially for products that are fragile, perishable or susceptible to damage, wrap-around secondary packaging is essential to prevent damage during transit. 

With Wrap Around, products can be securely and individually packaged to fit a variety of sizes and shapes. This versatility allows companies to achieve efficient and flexible secondary packaging, improving logistics management and operational efficiency. See how!

The advantages of wrap around

The Wrap Around case packer is designed to create customized boxes or wraps around products during the packaging process: the machine wraps a sheet of cardboard or flexible film around products to form a customized box. This type of case packer is highly adaptable to products of different shapes and sizes and offers an excellent level of flexibility, creating even tighter packages than those formed by standard case packers. 

This flexibility results in several benefits: 

  • Efficiency: Wrap Around ensures a fast and accurate packaging process, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Adaptability: thanks to the Zambelli method, each machine is customized to the specific needs of each plant, guaranteeing personalized packaging for different types of products.
  • Sustainability: Wrap-around packaging uses fewer materials than other traditional solutions, reducing environmental impact and contributing to greater sustainability.
  • Cost reduction: The reduction in materials used and the high efficiency of the packaging process save on production and logistics costs.

The choice of a wrap-around case packer, as opposed to other types of machines, depends on the specific needs of the company, the characteristics of the products to be packaged, and the goals of efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. It is therefore essential to carefully evaluate all these variables before making a decision. 

Zambelli Packaging's consultancy service offers the opportunity to obtain expert advice in identifying the ideal solution, optimizing the packaging process and best meeting the specific needs of your company.

The use of Wrap Around: a versatile and customized solution

The use of Wrap Around is extremely advantageous for the secondary packaging of products with different shapes and sizes, as this technology allows to create a customized wrap around each item. Thanks to Zambelli Packaging's experience, a wide range of continuous and intermittent motion case packers are available, all designed to meet specific needs

Examples of intermittent motion machines manufactured by Zambelli Packaging include 


The solutions offered by Zambelli Packaging also include continuous motion case packer machines designed in wrap-around mode. This option is an excellent demonstration of the flexibility and adaptability of the machines offered by the company. By custom designing packaging machines, Zambelli Packaging is able to customize continuous motion case packers to provide a consistent and optimized packaging flow. With this innovative configuration, companies can count on a highly efficient and reliable packer that can handle large quantities of homogeneous products without compromising packaging quality.

For more information on wrap-around case packers, please contact the company. Zambelli Packaging's team of technical experts is ready to assist you!

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