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Packaging Machines for Flow Pack

The machine’s operations and the Zambelli solutions for secondary packaging

If you need to refurbish your packaging department, a flow pack packaging machine could be an optimal solution, simplifying your work flow. But do you know how these machines work and in which phase of the packaging process they fit? If you are looking for some more information about it, let’s see some more details about this type of packaging machine and its use.

Flow pack: how work the machines that make it?

The one usually referred to as the “flow pack method” is a way of creating different types of pack, using machines that take advantage of an enveloping film. In the first phase of this process product is wrapped with film. When the wrapping is completed, the machine welds the head and tail of the bag, to seal the pack. Type of film can be chosen based on the needs of the product and can be transparent or pre-printed, with logos and other graphic elements.

From primary to secondary packaging: the different phases of the production line

Once made and filled with the product, flow packs are transported to the secondary packaging machines; these allow the flow packs to be grouped in different collations and packed in Wrap-Around or in Pre-glued RSC cases according to preference.

The Zambelli flow pack: the machine models for secondary packaging

To meet the increasingly high demand for this type of machines, the Zambelli Team has constantly developed innovative solutions, which have been useful in expanding its machines portfolio. This approach allows the company to offer different types of machines for secondary packaging of flow packs, each one with different advantages. Among the models available, you can choose:

The right machine for your needs? Ask Zambelli!

If you are looking for more information on machines for the secondary packaging of flow pack or if you need support to choose the one that best suits your needs, access the contact area and fill out the form. The Zambelli Team will be happy to offer you support to choose the most appropriate one and offer you a personalized quote.