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Sale of shrinkwrappers in Canada

Sale of reliable and efficient shrinkwrappers for the Canadian market

Are you looking for a company specialized in the sale of shrinkwrappers in Canada? Zambelli Packaging, an Italian company that for over fifty years has been specializing in the design and production of packaging machines, is able to provide reliable and efficient shrinkwrappers, designed to meet the needs of the Canadian market. Thanks to the experience gained over many years of activity and the use of innovative and cutting-edge technologies, specific to the retraction of the film, Zambelli can guarantee each customer the best solution according to his specific requests and needs. Versatile, safe and flexible, Zambelli shrinkwrappers are the best packaging machines on the market in terms of professionalism, precision and efficiency.

Zambelli Packaging: a wide choice of shrinkwrappers

Thanks to a constant investment in research and development and a special attention at every stage of production and design of its packaging machines, Zambelli is always developing new technologies to meet every customer’s need. Among the wide choice of shrinkwrappers available for the Canadian market you can find:

  • CL-CLV shrinkwrappers, continuous motion packaging machines suitable for packing containers such as plastic and glass bottles, cans, jars and pots with LDPE film;
  • LFT 20-30-40 shrinkwrappers, flexible and resistant automatic machines suitable for packing beverage cans, glass bottles and jars, HDPE, pet and PE PP bottles, plastic jars and tapered cups with LDPE film using the lap seal method;
  • LFT 50-60-70 shrinkwrappers easy to run and maintain and specifically designed to guarantee a quick change-over among different product formars;
  • LFT 90-120 shrinkwrappers suitable for packing beverage and food cans and pet bottles.

Why choose Zambelli Packaging shrinkwrappers? 

Choose Zambelli Packaging means to rely on a company specialized in the design and production of innovative and high technological packaging machines able to guarantee high performance and quality results. The design of Zambelli packaging machines and shrinkwrappers is carried out using advanced 3D tools to optimize efficiency and reliability. Moreover all shrinkwrappers are equipped with transparent access doors to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations, they can ensure a significant energy saving and many other advantages, such as:

  • easy and quick filling of the adhesive and the paper;
  • perfect adhesion, even in the packaging of bottles filled;
  • versatility and possibility to make different types of operations;
  • an easier and faster change-over of formats;
  • higher wear resistance.

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