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Sale of robotics machines in Canada

Robotic systems and robotic packaging applications for the Canadian market

Zambelli Packaging is an Italian company specialized in the design, production and sale of innovative and high quality packaging machines, made with cutting-edge technologies. The company also deals with the sale of robotic machines in Canada specially designed for the processing of special packaging, handling of small containers or for the insertion of objects and gadgets inside the packaging. Zambelli Packaging’s robotic systems and applications are designed to meet different packaging needs and always ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and precision.

What are the advantages of Zambelli Packaging robotics machines?

Thanks to a constant investment in research and development, the continuous search for innovative systems and the attention to customer’s needs, Zambelli Packaging is a leading company in the packaging field and its packaging machines and robotics systems are known worldwide. This care for innovative technologies has allowed the company to design and develop a wide range of robotics machines that can be used in many sectors. Robotic systems can be used, for example, in the food industry for the packaging of small bottles for spices and flavorings, ensuring ease of use and complete safety. Zambelli Packaging robotics machines also guarantee:

  • high quality performance, maximum reliability and efficiency;
  • significant reduction in waste of packaging materials;
  • precision and safety in handling also small gadgets and objects;
  • footprint reduction
  • user friendly interface with a consequent reduction of management and installation costs.

What robotics machines are available for the Canadian market?

Zambelli robotics machines are suitable for packaging processes that require high precision and attention, also for food containers with shapes that are difficult to handle by standard packaging machines or for fragile and unstable packaging. Zambelli proposes different robotics machines, also available for the Canadian market, such as robotic applications for:

  • tapered cups packaging with pick&place system, suitable for tapered plastic cups for desserts, yogurt or ready to eat soups; this technology allows to reduce film thickness with a consequent cost cutting and a reduction of material waste;
  • small bottles packing, suitable for small bottles with light weight, narrow bases and shaped profile which are difficult to handle by automatic machines;
  • gadget insertion, suitable for the insertion of small objects with different forms from the product and impossible to manipulate through standard infeed systems.

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