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Cartoners packaging machines in Canada

Sale of cartoners packaging machines in Canada

Zambelli Packaging is an Italian company specialized in the production of packaging machines and also deals with the sale of cartoners packaging machines for the Canadian market. Founded in 1969, Zambelli is today a leading company in the packaging machine sector and offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions, designed to guarantee high performance, maximum precision and reliability. Thanks to the use of user-friendly technologies, based on modern control systems and the reduction of moving parts, all the packaging machines proposed by the company ensure versatility, resistance and ease of maintenance and use by operators.

Why choose Zambelli cartoners packaging machines?

Cartoners packaging machines designed and produced by Zambelli can be used for the packaging of a wide range of products in pre-glued or wraparound style cases, such as cartons, stock cubes and wrapped tablets. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies which allow an easy and quick change-over, cartoners packaging machines are able to work with products of different sizes, guaranteeing precision and high quality results. Zambelli’s cartoners can ensure many advantages, such as:

  • versatility and ease of use
  • maximum reliability and efficiency
  • fast and easy maintenance and cleaning
  • safety, as machines can be stopped immediately when the access door opens.

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