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Shrinkwrappers machinery production

Are you interested shrinkwrappers machinery production? The company Zambelli Packaging for over forty years is a leader in the market of packaging machines, with a large shrinkwrappers machinery production.

Shrinkwrappers machinery production allows to work products of different sizes, by applying a simple and quick change of format. The reliability of the mechanics and the potentialities of electronics are combined in Zambelli Packaging’s shrinkwrappers, offering solutions to the specific needs that ensure high performance and long life.

In Zambelli Packaging’s shrinkwrappers machinery production you will find LFT 20-30-40 automatic shrinkwrappers with lap seal method, able to package the film only, flat pad + film or tray + film packaging styles, reaching a speed of 40 cycles per minute . With this shrinkwrapper you will be able to pack cans, plastic or glass bottles, jars and pot with or without a cardboard support, a flat pad or a tray. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance are facilitated by the presence of transparent access doors positioned on all sides of the machine.

Zambelli Packaging not only deals with shrinkwrappers machinery production, but also with cartoners, case packers and robotic systems that have advantageous plus, including:

  • Facilitating and accelerating the filling of the adhesive and the paper.
  • Handle applicator that works on al shrinkwrappers on single, double or triple lane.
  • Integration with bundler and then leaving the tape to the accumulation phase.
  • Perfect adhesion even in the processing of bottles filled, even in cold summer environments, avoiding humidification of the film with the positioning of the handle before the packaging of the product.

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