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Case packers production

Are you interested in case packers production? Zambelli Packaging is a leading company in case packers production that for over forty years has successfully designed and realized the construction of machines for high quality packaging that ensure high strength and durability.

Case packers production for American case and wrap around of Zambelli Packaging is characterized by reliability and robustness, thanks to their quick and easy format change, ensuring a finished product without defects. Moreover, Zambelli Packaging’s case packers have transparent doors on the sides to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

If you are looking for case packers production, the FRC case packer suits you: capable to pack cartons and flow-packs pre-glued or in American case, a precise and reliable system accommodates different types and sizes of products. In addition, it possesses a high storage capacity with pre-magazine to facilitate the operator in the loading phase and increase the overall capacity of the bundles.

In addition to case packers production, Zambelli Packaging is also dedicated to cartoners, shrinkwrappers and robotic systems that offer, among others, the following advantages:

  • Integration with bundler and then leaving the tape to the accumulation phase.
  • Perfect adhesion even in the processing of bottles filled, even in cold summer environments, avoiding humidification of the film with the positioning of the handle before the packaging of the product.
  • Facilitating and accelerating the filling of the adhesive and the paper.
  • Handle applicator that works on al shrinkwrappers on single, double or triple lane.

In case packers production, the company is involved in all stages of the production process: design, manufacturing and assembly, installation, technical documentation, spare parts and upgrades, always seeking the best solution to customer needs.

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