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Robotic packaging systems

Are you searching for robotic packaging systems? Zambelli Packaging, a leading company for over forty years in designing packaging machines, offers a wide range of robotic packaging systems.

The company’s robotic packaging systems allow you to work special packaging or insert details and objects within them and are known worldwide for their technological innovation, making it possible to satisfy every request of the customer.

The robotic packaging systems production of the company is also distinguished by the presence of robotic packaging systems for the packaging of small bottles, such as those classically used in the kitchen for spices and flavorings. The weight and the dimensions of these bottles do not allow processing with traditional machines: that is why machines are required for the packaging of small containers with pick & place systems, able to exercise the right manipulation.

Zambelli Packaging robotic packaging systems provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Footprint reduction
  • Greater performance and efficiency
  • Packaging is in wrap around box, tray + film or film only
  • Significant reduction of the waste of packaging material

In addition to robotic packaging systems, the company also produces cartoners, shrinkwrappers and case packers, taking care of every stage of the production process: design, construction and assembly, installation, technical documentation, service and spare parts and upgrades.

All packaging machines of Packaging Zambelli are made with innovative technology and user friendly interface that ensures a reduction of the management and installation cost, with less need of adjustment, greater autonomy in the use of machines, facilitation of the formation and lower probability of wear.

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