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Lube oil packaging machines

The machineries to wrap the lubrificants

Operating in the sector of reference since 1969, Zambelli Packaging is an established industrial reality that deals with the development and realization of Lube oil packaging machines. In fact, its devices are increasingly used by companies, both nationally and internationally, that carry out this type of work.

Why rely on with the company?

In the lubricating oil sector, often, we are witnessing the use of large-sized and heavy tanks. For this reason, one of the company’s main objectives is to offer each customer reliable lube oil packaging machines. This result is achieved thanks to a great commitment and to a professionalism of a high trained team, which work with passion to simplify the enterprise’s wrapping operations. Further these benefits, the company’s machines can offer many other advantages, such as those concern the followings aspects:

  • Less wear machines
  • Less need for device adjustments
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • User friendly technology

How many models are available?

Zambelli Packaging has constantly expanded its catalogue and now can offer many models of lube oil packaging machines, that have different functions and can give you the possibility to complete all processes, that you usually perform. In fact, inside the enterprise’s catalogue, you can find machineries that have innovative technologies and are made with the best raw materials on the market, such as:

Are you looking for more information?

So far as you are interested to obtain more information about the lube oil packaging machines, please fill in the form you will find inside the contact page. In the shorter possible time, a team expert member will give you all the details you are looking for.


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