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Design of cartoners

The realization of packaging machines for pre-glued or wrap-around cases

Among the activities that Zambelli Packaging deals with, there is the one related to the design of cartoners. The company, founded in 1969 in a location near Bologna, has always dealt with the development of these machines and, with professionalism and passion, offers solutions that can simplify the working life of the many customers who have chosen it.

Which are the cartoners produced?

To meet the customer needs, the enterprise deals with the design of 2 different models of cartoners, which are produced to perform different kind of works. Inside the enterprise’s catalogue, in fact, you will find the followings machines:

While the first of the two is suitable only for pre-glued boxes, the second model can work even on those defined wrap-around.

What benefits they bring?

The company is able to make the design of versatile cartoners which allow to work with raw materials with various dimension and characteristics. This kind of work possibility is thought because, often, who works in this industrial field must relate to products that are very different from each other. Furthermore, the machines can offer advantages, such as:

  • Quick adjustments
  • Rapid format change
  • Great work resistance

Do you need any information?

If you are interested to get more information on the design of cartoners in which the company are involved, please enter in the contact section and fill in the form you will find inside. The enterprise will answer to all your question exhaustively, as soon as possible.


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