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Design of case packer

The realization of cartoners for RSC and wrap around cases

Historical Italian company founded near Bologna in 1969, Zambelli Packaging deals with the design of case packers that can simplify the working life of those that operate in the sector of reference. This goal is the result of a great effort by the excellent team of company’s professionals.

How many models are available?

The company has always been committed to offer the design of a large numbers of case packer. Thanks to the great knowledge of its team, in fact, it has constantly enlarged the models of machines produced, developing also new technologic solutions. In particular, if you will choose the company, you can select one or more of these products:

Why choose the company’s packer?

Zambelli Packaging is known internationally for the design of efficient case packers, which are able to meet the high customer needs. Each worker who have used them, in fact, noted a high increase in performance, which is the consequence of the develop of innovative technologies. For example, the advantages you will obtain using these company’s machineries are related to the followings aspects:

  • More comfortable loading for the operator
  • Quick format change
  • Cleaning operations easy to perform

Do you want more information?

If you want more information about the design of case packer, please go to the contact section and write all your questions inside the form you will find in it. As soon as possible, the compmany will be pleased to give you all details requested.


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