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Discover Zambelli’s reliable and efficient packaging machines

Does your company need reliable and sturdy packaging machines for its business? Zambelli Packaging has the right solutions for your needs: the Italian company, indeed, has been producing packaging machines for 50 years. In order to ensure the best quality and reliability, Zambelli deals with all stages of the production process: from design to manufacturing, from assembly to installation, providing technical documentation, spare parts and constant updates.

What kind of advantages do these machines provide?

Thanks to its expertise and know-how, Zambelli can offer a complete range of packaging machines, renowned worldwide for their reliability, performance and state-of-the-art technology. As a matter of fact, the company produces and sells worldwide packaging machines such as cartoners, Shrinkwrappers, case packers and robotized systems for particular needs. These machines, thanks to Zambelli’s innovative technology and processes, can ensure advantages such as:

  • Reduced costs of ownership;
  • Easy installation in less time and facilitation in training;
  • Low wear and easy maintenance;
  • Great autonomy for the operators;
  • Low environmental impact thanks to low power consumption
  • High flexibility and efficiency.

Machines for gadgets insertion

Zambelli always focus on the customer’s need and follows the latest trends in technology. In today’s market is fundamental to diversify the products, making them different one from the others, creating something unique for the final consumer. In many cases – especially in the food sector – this means inserting a gadget (small objects, toys, details) in the package. This operation needs to be very careful; therefore, exploiting latest technologies in robotics, Zambelli has developed a robotic application for gadget insertion with a pick&place extremely precise system.

Looking for more information?

If you need further information about Zambelli’s packaging machines, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form in the contact section. An expert member of our staff will promptly answer all your questions and requests.


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