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Sale of case packers packaging machine in US

Discover a wide range of case packers available in the United States

Is your company settled in the United States and do you need reliable case packers? Zambelli Packaging is the right choice: the Italian company has been selling case packers packaging machine since 1969. It is a leading company in the packaging sector, and its machines and technologies are well-known and widely used worldwide. Of course, they’re on sale in the US as well where our service can count on the same commitment and attention as in the rest of the world.

Relying on a market leader

Zambelli can count on decades long expertise and know-how, as well as on a highly trained team, which is constantly updated on latest market trends and technologies. This attention allows the company to be in continuous search of new, innovative solutions to meet every customers’ needs. Our machines, through the years, have helped increasing performances and simplifying production and operators’ work; this is direct consequence of the continuous innovation developed by the company. Zambelli case packers, for instance, ensure advantage such as:

  • Less time in installation and training operations;
  • More autonomy for the operators;
  • Less wear, therefore less costs of maintenance;
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

The most characteristic features of Zambelli’s case packers for sale in US, then, is their renown quick and easy format change-over. They are able to run any type of cardboard, RSC or wraparound.

Many different case packers for any need

Zambelli Packaging is well-known for its commitment in offering a wide range of case packers packing machines, that are all available in the United States. The constant research for new technologies and solutions, aiming to satisfy any clients’ need, has brought Zambelli to gradually enlarge the offer of case packers. This wide range of machines allows the company to satisfy needs in many different sectors and with many different kinds of packages. Choosing Zambelli for your packaging machines in US, you’ll find case packers such as:

More information on our case packers

Do you need further information about Zambelli’s case packers on sale in the United States? Just fill in the form in the contact section with all your questions and doubts. We will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.


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