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Packaging machines for baby food industries

Baby food shrinkwrappers

Zambelli located in the heart of Italy’s manufacturing scene is currently celebrating fifty years in the packaging industry. Among other sectors, the company offers a wide variety of solutions for the food and beverage industries, including baby food packaging. With the attention to detail that Italians are known for, Zambelli is proud to make shrinkwrappers for the baby food industry to ensure the safest delivery of products designed for the world’s most precious consumers.

Why choose Zambelli packaging machines for baby food industries

Zambelli shrinkwrapping machines combine the best in electronics with top-in-class machinery to ensure flawless execution. With adjustable heat settings to avoid thermal waste and clear views of the process for easy views of the process as well as maintenance and troubleshooting, Zambelli machines are both environmentally and user friendly. Zambelli offers two shrinkwrapping machines for the baby food industry, each well built, robust, versatile and easy to change up quickly for products of different shapes and sizes.

Zambelli baby food packaging machines

Zambelli produces two different shrinkwrapping machines for baby food:

  • LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrappers: the Zambelli LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrapper wraps LDPE film around containers using the lap seal method. The machine is compatible with glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic jars and more. The machine can wrap up to 70 cases per minute.
  • LFT 90-120 Shrinkwrappers: for food cans, beverage cans and PET bottles, the Zambelli LFT 90-120 Shrinkwrapper is an automatic machine that uses the lap seal method with LDPE film. The machine can wrap up to 120 cases per minute.

More information about Zambelli packaging machines for baby food insustries

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