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The 4 cornerstones of Zambelli's business

Zambelli’s business is based on 4 key pillars, thanks to which we distinguish ourselves in the secondary packaging market.


We pay particular attention to the design of the frame with cantilever design, which allows the operator side to be free from moving parts and the maintenance side - with the electrical panel and the pneumatic part - easily accessible for correct, fast and safe maintenance.

This feature is particularly evident in shrinkwrappers (LFT series).

User-friendly technology

The technology used in Zambelli, with the reduction of moving parts, has made it possible to reduce the use of time in the construction, assembly and installation of the machine. Our customer can benefit from the purchased machine by quickly facing the first stages of training, so as to be totally independent in the shortest possible time.

Another benefit is the reduction in the cost of managing the machinery and the personnel who work there.

Energy saving

Over the years, Zambelli has addressed the aspect of energy consumption by equipping shrinkwrappers with specific solutions for shrinking the film.

In detail: two bulkheads have been inserted, at the entrance and at the exit of the tunnel, which lower automatically with the aim of reducing energy consumption and, in addition, rapidly reaching the temperature "set point" at the start of the car.

In combination, through the PLC, it is possible to manage the resistances that are activated and deactivated based on the temperature detected inside the shrink chamber.

Durability of the machine

Our main goal is to build quality, and it is precisely for this reason that our machines have a lifespan of over twenty years.

No detail is left to chance: little maintenance, calibrated upgrades and hyper-specialized technical assistance. These are the keys to your success and, consequently, to ours.