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The 4 cornerstones of Zambelli's business

Pioneers in secondary packaging machinery

Our research and development focuses on four cornerstones that distinguish us as a leader in secondary packaging machinery innovation. Thanks to these pillars, Zambelli is positioned as a pioneer in the industry.


1. Innovative Design

In our constant pursuit of excellence, we pay special attention to the advanced design of our machines. A prime example of this is our innovative cantilever frame design, a distinctive feature of our shrink wrappers (LFT series). This design keeps the operator side clear of moving components, improving safety, and makes the maintenance side, including the electrical panel and pneumatic system, extremely accessible. This approach facilitates fast, effective and safe maintenance and reflects our innovative vision in the field of secondary packaging.

2. User-friendly technology

The implementation of advanced secondary packaging technologies greatly simplifies the use of our machines, making them easy and intuitive to operate.  In addition, this approach reduces the number of moving parts, which simplifies design, assembly and installation and enables our customers to get through the initial training phases quickly. Because of this simplicity, users quickly become autonomous, maximizing operational efficiency. In addition, this ease of use results in a significant reduction in operating costs and staff training.

3. Energy savings

Over the years, Zambelli has focused on optimizing energy consumption by introducing targeted innovations in our shrink wrapping machines. We have implemented two automatic bulkheads at the inlet and outlet of the shrink tunnel that are lowered to reduce heat loss and quickly reach the optimum temperature when the machine starts. In addition, we use a sophisticated PLC system to control the heating elements, which turn on and off according to the temperature detected. 
Thanks to these advanced technological implementations and our constant commitment to researching new innovations, we have been able to reduce energy consumption and increase the thermal efficiency of our secondary packaging machines.

4.Durability of the machine

Our primary goal is to produce high quality machines, a commitment that has resulted in the production of machines with a lifespan of over twenty years.
We pay attention to every detail, focusing on low maintenance, incremental upgrades, and highly specialized technical support. These elements are critical to ensuring your success and, by extension, ours.