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Vision & Mission

Trust, respect and responsibility

At Zambelli, we actively pursue 3 key objectives: to build quality through our machines, to earn the trust and respect of our customers and collaborators and, consequently, to forge strong and lasting relationships.

We do all this by carefully following the principles outlined in our Code of Ethics – an integral part of the 231 Organizational Model – that reflects the values that every individual within Zambelli must embrace and make their own: honesty and respect for everyone, social and environmental responsibility, transparency and information, safety of products created and of the services offered and, finally, confidentiality for any type of relationship with the company.


We have as an essential principle the respect of the laws and regulations in force, avoiding and disapproving of illegitimate or incorrect behavior in order to achieve our economic objectives. Zambelli supports the principles of transparency, honesty, courtesy and civic sense, therefore, under no circumstances can the pursuit of the company's interest justify dishonest conduct in accordance with this paragraph.

Zambelli requires all its staff to have the utmost respect for people and recommends that they treat others as they would like to be treated, always bearing in mind the consequences of their actions on others. All its activity is aimed at respecting the differences of others without discriminating against others on the basis of their nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex or their religious or political beliefs.


Zambelli's growing commitment to social responsibility creates new challenges that combine profitability and responsibility.

Zambelli respects the community, the people and the environment in which we live and work and always takes into consideration the impact of our work on them.


The high level of technology achieved has never diminished the desire and commitment to ensure the creation of safe products.

Zambelli s.rl., in fact, undertakes to produce and sell, in full compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements, products that meet the highest standards in terms of safety.

All products are CE marked according to the reference regulations and internal complaints and product traceability procedures have been implemented that allow for the implementation of a continuous improvement system for product safety.


The Company is aware of the importance of correct information on its activities for the consolidated and potential market and the community in general.

Without prejudice to the confidentiality requirements required by the conduct of the business, the Company communicates with the market, institutions and shareholders in compliance with the criteria of correctness, clarity and equal access to information.


All information and data are acquired, managed and communicated exclusively by authorized persons, generally or specifically. In the context of confidential information, information relating to private negotiation procedures or direct agreements with P.A, know-how, financial and investment transactions are of particular importance and must therefore be handled with particular attention. The aforementioned information also includes those of a technical nature concerning the safety and health of the workplace and related authorizations. Each in their own working environment is required to protect the information generated or acquired, including through IT tools, and to avoid improper or unauthorized use, first of all avoiding to transfer corporate information tools containing data.