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Vision & Mission

Trust, respect and responsibility

Our innovative vision in secondary packaging

At Zambelli, we are driven by an innovative vision in the secondary packaging industry. We strive to deliver superior quality through our machines, earning the trust and respect of our customers and employees. This allows us to create strong and lasting relationships that are fundamental to our journey in the industry.

Our mission is driven by quality in secondary packaging, pursuing goals of excellence and sustainability. Following our Code of Ethics and Organizational Model 231, we are committed to honesty, social and environmental responsibility, transparency, product and service safety, and confidentiality in relationships. We look to the future of secondary packaging technologies with an unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, ensuring that Zambelli is always at the forefront of the industry. 


 At Zambelli, integrity and respect for the law are fundamental principles. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner and categorically reject any illegal or inappropriate behavior to achieve economic goals. The values of transparency, honesty, courtesy and citizenship are pillars of our corporate culture and we firmly believe that business success should never justify dishonest actions.

We ask our employees to show the utmost respect for people and to treat others as they would like to be treated. We are deeply committed to respecting diversity and ensuring a non-discriminatory environment based on mutual respect, regardless of a person's nationality, ethnic origin, age, gender, religious or political beliefs.


Our commitment to social responsibility is a strength where challenges and opportunities meet to balance profitability with ethical responsibility. We are committed to respecting the community, people and environment around us and we carefully consider the impact of our actions on them. Our vision extends beyond business, embracing a sustainable and conscious approach to every aspect of our operations.


In our innovative vision of secondary packaging, we view the management and communication of information and data as processes that take place only by authorized personnel. We are committed to producing and selling items that strictly comply with legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring the highest standards of safety. All our products are CE marked and comply with strict regulations. We have implemented internal procedures for complaint handling and product traceability, ensuring a system of continuous improvement in the safety of the products we offer.


Zambelli recognizes the fundamental importance of providing accurate information about its activities to established markets, potential customers and the community at large. While maintaining the necessary confidentiality in the management of the business, we are committed to communicating with the market, institutions and shareholders in a fair, clear and transparent manner, ensuring equal access to information and always maintaining honesty and integrity in our communications.


At Zambelli, the management and communication of information and data is done exclusively by authorized personnel. We place special emphasis on the protection of confidential information, including data relating to private negotiations, agreements with public bodies, business know-how, financial transactions, investments and technical aspects related to occupational health and safety. Each member of our team is responsible for protecting the information we receive, whether in hard copy or digital form, avoiding improper or unauthorized use, and ensuring maximum security of company data.