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Zambelli Packaging After-Sales Services

Extend the Life of Your Secondary Packaging Machines choosing Zambelli Care

In the secondary packaging sector, the longevity and efficiency of machines are crucial to ensure smooth production operations. At Zambelli, we understand the importance of keeping your machines in optimal condition. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of after-sales services, including spare parts, upgrade kits, and plant maintenance. These services not only extend the useful life of the machines but also ensure that they remain highly performant for many years to come.

Regular Maintenance: The Key to Machine Longevity

Regular maintenance of packaging machines is essential to prevent breakdowns and maintain operational efficiency. Through scheduled interventions and periodic inspections, it is possible to identify and resolve minor issues before they become costly failures. Well-maintained machines not only last longer but also operate more efficiently, helping to reduce downtime and improve overall productivity.

Spare Parts: Accessibility and Compatibility

The availability of high-quality spare parts is crucial to keeping packaging machines in perfect working order. At Zambelli, we offer compatible and easily accessible spare parts through our dedicated platform: Zambelli E-Commerce.

Once logged in with the private credentials provided by Zambelli, you will have access to all documents related to purchased equipment, downloadable quickly and securely to your devices.

To further facilitate its use, the platform is divided into sections, including:

  • Main Data Section: Contains general information about the machine, including the layout, serial number, model, and the plant where it is located.
  • Instruction Manuals Section: Collects all operator manuals, machine drawings and diagrams, and accessory attachment such as the installation manual.
  • Spare Parts Section: The heart of the platform; with just a few clicks, you can choose the machine area of interest for which you want to order a spare part, select it, and add it to the cart. 
    You can then place the order by simply sending the request through the purchase window. 
    Zambelli will review and confirm the supply. 
    Everything will then be available for consultation in the Purchase History area, allowing you to track every request made over the years.
  • Spare Parts List: This section contains a downloadable document listing all spare parts for your machine, complete with unique codes, descriptions, and quantities. This way, users can easily find the part they need to replace, ordering it through the platform or requesting it directly from the after-sales department, which is always available.
  • Electrical Schematic Section: Contains drawings, diagrams, and information related to the electrical components of the machine.
  • Software Section: Includes all documents related to the machine's PLC programming.
  • Video Section: Provides explanatory videos if needed.

This service ensures that your operations can continue without interruption, maintaining production efficiency and minimizing machine downtime.

Upgrade Kits: Technological Updates for Greater Efficiency

Technologies advance rapidly, and keeping machines updated is essential to stay competitive. Our upgrade kits allow you to update existing machines with the latest available technologies, improving efficiency and productivity. This sustainable approach allows you to make the most of your investments in your machines, reducing the need to replace them entirely.

A concrete example of this is what we shared in our latest LinkedIn post.

Competitive Advantages: Improved ROI and Guaranteed Reliability

Investing in Zambelli’s after-sales services undoubtedly leads to a better return on investment in the long term. Our maintenance and upgrade solutions not only extend the useful life of the machines but also enhance their reliability and performance. This translates into increased productivity and reduced operating costs, positioning your company a step ahead of the competition.

Discover the Benefits of Zambelli Care for Your Business

Zambelli’s after-sales services are designed to ensure that your secondary packaging machines remain efficient and durable.

Do you prefer to save consciously and optimize existing equipment?

Choose Zambelli Care — the only service that guarantees your machines are built to last.