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How to choose the right machine for your packaging

Tips for choosing the packaging machine most suitable for your business

Packaging machines are indispensable tools to package products effectively and safely. They are used in many different sectors, so it's critical to choose the type of machine that best suits your needs. Depending on what is produced, and how it is packaged, it will be appropriate to choose one or more types of machines capable of responding to the ever-new needs of the market. There are a few factors to consider to choose the best solution for your production process.

What industry does the company operate in?

The first factor to consider is the product to package; this has a major impact on the choice of the most suitable machine. Some sectors, particularly food and pharmaceuticals, need to meet certain hygienic standards, imposed and controlled by national and international regulations. Among the many sectors served by Zambelli machines are:

  • Food: ice cream, milk & dairy, spices, sauces and jams, pet food, baby food, edible oil, canned food
  • Beverage: water, coffee, juice, energy drink, soft drink, spirits
  • Home care: napkins, wet wipes, detergent powder and liquid
  • Industrial: for the welding industry, lube oil

What kind of packages are produced? What material are used?

One more factor to consider when choosing the packaging machine is the packaging style and the packaging materials. Packaging style choice depends on the product and other factors – how nice packs are expected to look but also how easy and convenient the packaging process shall be. As a result, the choice of the packaging machine must take into account several elements:

  • Stability of the packages
  • Material resistance, that is, whether it is solid or fragile and deformable, such as the flow pack
  • The shape of the packaging, which can be particular and difficult to handle, such as the Doypack®
  • Quantity, and therefore whether single or multipack packages will be produced
  • Additional accessories: if you are inserting smaller, difficult-to-handle parts, such as gadgets

What kind of packaging machines are produced?

To make sure you find the right machine for your packaging needs, you shall consult an experienced team, such as Zambelli's, who can recommend the best choice. During 50 years Zambelli has continuously expanded its machine portfolio to meet every need in the field of packaging. For this reason, today it can count on a wide range of packaging machines that include cartoners, shrinkwrappers, case packers, robotics with P&P systems.