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PackExpo Connects our first Virtual Fair


PackExpo Connects 2020 is officially over.

For us it was a new, unusual and unexpected experience.

The world is changing, the market is evolving, and we have, as a Company, the responsibility to take care of the situation to build new paths, new stories, new ways of interacting.

No, it’s not an easy job.

But, especially in these moments of uncertainty and instability, we have a strength that pushes us: our customers .

If we are still here, it’s only thanks to those who continue to support us and believe in our company and in the people who make it up.

We are the machines we build, we are the bonds we forge, the commitment we put into completing projects and keeping them alive over the years.

Zambelli can be proud of having built a network of professional contacts which have become real friendships over time.

So, today we just want to say thanks to all the people who continue to give us their trust, relying on us to build new projects and establish new partnerships.

Without you there would be no us, and for this reason you have always been our most precious asset.