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Packaging purpose in the food industry

Packaging is an essential part of the food industry, and serves several purposes:

First, it helps to protect the product during transport. Second, it provides information about the product, such as ingredients and nutritional information. Third, it helps to keep food fresh by keeping oxygen out and moisture in. Finally, packaging can be used to add value to the item being sold—for example, by adding special materials like foil that help prevent oxidation.

Packaging categories

Packaging in the food industry ensures that the product is safe and maintains its quality throughout its journey from the factory to your home.

  1. Primary packaging:  what you see when you enter a grocery shop, i.e. the box or bag that contains your product;
  2. Secondary packaging: groups several primary packaging units together, protecting them during transport or helping to promote their sale;
  3. Tertiary packaging: represents groupings of secondary packaging units, protecting them during transport from the producer to the point of sale.

Food container secondary packaging machines are an essential component of many food packaging operations, and Zambelli Packaging Srl is a leading manufacturer of these machines. These machines are designed to automate the process of packaging food containers, improving speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Zambelli Packaging Srl offers a range of food container secondary packaging machines, including shrink wrappers, wrap-around case packers, pick-and-place robots, and much more. These machines are designed to handle a wide range of food containers, including jars, bottles, cans, and trays.

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