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Sale of cartoners machines in Canada

Sale of efficient and innovative cartoners machines in Canada

Are you looking for a company specialized in the sale of cartoners machines in Canada? For over fifty years Zambelli Packaging has been specializing in the design and sale of packaging machines and cartoners machines made with innovative and user-friendly technologies. Reliable and efficient, Zambelli’s packaging machines are designed to meet different packaging needs and are able to work on products of different formats, always guaranteeing high quality results. Thanks to special functions, they can also speed up production processes and facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations by operators.

Why rely on Zambelli Packaging?

Choose Zambelli Packaging means relying on a leading company in the packaging sector and cartoners machines entirely produced in Italy, protected by industrial patents and well known in the market for their innovative technologies, high performances and reliability. Zambelli cartoners machines represents the top range of packaging machines and can guarantee many advantages such as:

  • versatility, as machines can work with products of different sizes;
  • a quick change-over;
  • data monitoring and remote diagnostic;
  • safety, ease of use and easy maintenance operations.


Sale of cartoners machines in Canada: our selection

Cartoners machines designed and produced by Zambelli can be used for the packaging of different types of products in pre-glued. The company offers models of cartoners machines also available for the Canadian market like:

  • AP 80 cartoner: an automatic machine equipped with transparent access doors to allow fast maintenance and cleaning interventions; The machine also ensures the maximum safety as safety switches are connected to the emergency circuit to immediately stop the machine if the access door opens.

Do you need more information?

If you need more information on the sale of cartoners machines in Canada, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form in the contact section. Our staff will promptly answer all your questions and requests.


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