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Coffee packaging machines

The machineries that allow to wrap the coffee

Zambelli Packaging is an Italian company, founded in 1969, known for the design and manufacture of coffee packaging machines, which can simplify the life of the operators who use them. This result is achieved thanks to an excellent team of experts, who work with passion to offer the best products to their customers.

Why choose the company machines?

Thanks to its long experience, Zambelli Packaging produces high performance coffee packaging machines, which offer many benefits to industries operating in the reference sector. The enterprise’s team, in fact, has developed modern and functional technologies based on advanced control systems and on the reduction of moving parts. Thanks to this commitment, the company offers advantages like:

  • Reduction of electric consumption
  • User-friendly technology
  • Long Life machines

Which machines are available?

Operate in this kind of industry makes necessary obtain more than one model of devices. Zambelli Packaging, aware to these needs, deals with the design and production of a wide range of coffee packaging machines, from shrinkwrappers to case packer, which can give you the opportunity to complete all the processes. Among the machinery produces by the enterprise, in fact, you will find, for example, these models:

Do you need more information?

If you are looking for further information about coffee packaging machines, please visit the contact page and fill in the form you will find inside. As soon as possible, a member of company staff will provide to give you all requested details.


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