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Pet food packaging machines

The machineries to pack the food for animals

Founded in Italy in 1969, near Bologna, Zambelli Packaging is a company specialized in the production of pet food packaging machines. Thanks to its long experience in the sector, it has already worked for numerous customers who deal with the packaging of these products, always satisfying their needs.

What advantages do the machines offer?

Zambelli Packaging works always to offer high performance pet food packaging machines. To achieve this goal, in fact, the company uses only the best raw materials on the market and, during the time, has improved the technologies of its products, also thanks to the great commitment and professionalism of a high trained team. In particular, choosing the enterprise’s product, you will have the opportunity to obtain many advantages, such as:

  • Less need for device adjustments
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • Limited maintenance

Which models are suitable for pet food packaging?

To offer devices that really meet the customer needs, the company has constantly expanded its catalogue and now can offer a large number of pet food packaging machineries, which are able to do many operations. Inside the enterprise’s catalogue, for example, you will find machines that have innovative technologies and are made with the best raw materials on the market, such as:

Further information?

To get more information about pet food packaging machines, you need to fill in the form you will find inside the contact section. In this way, in the shorter possible time, you will obtain a detailed answer from an expert member of company staff.


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