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Design of packaging machines in US

Zambelli designs innovative packaging machines since 1969

Zambelli Packaging is an Italian company, established 50 years ago, specialized in design of packaging machines that are available in US. Thanks to its expertise, the know-how and a highly trained and constantly updated staff, Zambelli is now a leading manufacturer in the field of packaging and can provide many different solutions for a wide range of companies operating in different sectors.

Many innovative solutions for packaging

The Italian company is able to provide a wide range of packaging machines suitable for any needs. These machineries are designed and produced in Italy with high quality and innovative materials and process, in order to always ensure the best quality in packaging. To cover different needs, Zambelli provides many different types of packaging machines, such as:

  • Cartoners, both for pre-glued and wraparound cases;
  • Shrinkwrappers, efficient and reliable;
  • Case packers for RSC and wraparound cases;
  • Robotics, the most innovative systems.

The features you can find in our packaging machines

These machines exploit a friendly technology which makes them easy to install. It also facilitates the training and all the cleaning and maintenance operations. This characteristic allows the operators to have maximum autonomy in everyday operations, contributing in reduction of costs and time. On top of that, our machines are built with state-of-the-art technology, based on advanced control systems and less moving parts. This factor ensures less wear, minor adjustments and maintenance costs. Zambelli machines, then, present a key feature: the quick format change-over makes them the preferred choice of many users worldwide.

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