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Case packers for beverages in US

Italian-made case packers for the United States

Zambelli was established in 1969 in the heart of Italy, a country known for its excellence in food and beverage. With decades of experience and know-how, Zambelli is now an industry leader boasting five different models of beverage case packers for the US.

Why choose Zambelli case packers for beverages in US

Zambelli case packers are all designed to change quickly between packaging types and run a variety of materials. Zambelli beverage case packers are all equipped with transparent side doors to allow operators a clear view as well as easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Zambelli case packers

  • AP2000 Case Packer: the Zambelli AP2000 Case Packer is designed to sideload cartons and into RSC. The AP200 packages up to 15 cases per minute.
  • FRC Case Packers: the Zambelli FRC Case Packer uses servo-driven movements to guarantee high precision, reliability and fast changeovers while sideloading cartons into RSC cardboard.
  • RCV Case Packer: the Zambelli RCV Case Packer automatically bottom loads cans into RSC cardboard. The machine can accommodate a wide variety of product sizes and can group products into multi-tier bundles.
  • AP200W Wrap Around Case Packer: the Zambelli AP200W Wrap Around Case Packer, an extremely versatile case packer for beverages, sideloads cans, bricks, cartons, glass bottles, HDPE bottles and more. Operators can quickly and easily set the machine to new positions fo accommodate new products.
  • WR 20-30-40 Wrap Around Case Packer: the Zambelli WR 20-30-40 Case Packer is another highly versatile beverage case packer for wrap-around cases. Suitable for use with HDPE bottles, Jerry cans, PET bottles, bricks, glass bottles, bricks and more.

More information about Zambelli beverage case packers for the US market

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