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Robotic systems for insertion of gadgets inside packages

Robotic applications and systems to insert objects into traditional packages

Celebrating fifty years of excellence, Zambelli is situated just outside of Italy’s industrial heart in Bologna. Need to insert gadgets or other small objects inside traditional packaging? Zambelli manufactures pick and place robots that can handle a variety of shapes and package types. From tapered cups for yogurt, desserts or ready-made soups to cartoon-inspired drinking caps for children or toys, Zambelli offers a wide range of technologies.

Why choose Zambelli

Zambelli is an industry leader in food and beverage packaging in Italy, a country renowned around the world its culinary scene. With decades of experience, Zambelli now boasts some of the industry’s finest robotic systems for insertion of gadgets inside packages with pick and place technology.

Zambelli pick and place robotic systems for gadget insertion

In an ever-changing world of marketing, food and beverage marketers have to get increasingly creative to offer all new ideas. Our robotic systems can easily adapt to a variety of product types and shapes to accommodate any new design idea. With Zambelli robotic pick and place packaging systems, the only limit to your gadget design is imagination.

Fast facts about Zambelli gadget insertion robotic systems:

  • Remove cartoon-inspired drinking caps for children from a conveyer belt and insert them individually within a bundle of products
  • Fully integrate within a Zambelli case packer to factory floor space
  • Compatible with beverage cans, HDPE bottles, PE PP bottles, PET bottles
  • Adjustable to gadgets of different shapes and sizes

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