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Production of packaging machines for the coffee industry

Italian-made coffee packaging machines

Celebrating fifty years of excellence, Zambelli is a packaging expert in the beating heart of Italy. Thanks to the country’s limitless coffee passion, respected and celebrated around the globe, Zambelli offers world-class coffee packaging machines to guarantee perfectly preserved aromas, no matter the destination.

Why choose Zambelli coffee industry packaging machines

Italy knows coffee. Zambelli is proud to preserve one of the nation’s most precious goods with state of the art shrinkwrappers and case packers for the coffee industry, all easy to use with a wide variety of packaging styles and shapes.

Zambelli production of packaging machines for coffee industry

  • AP200W Wrap-Around Case Packer: the Zambelli AP200W Wrap-Around Case Packer is designed to package gusset bottom bags for coffee, as well as a wide variety of other products. Designed to package cartons and flow-packs in wrap-around case, the machine seals cases with hot glue. The machine can pack up to 25 cases per minute.
  • LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper sports advanced cutting technology and an unrivaled cantilever frame while offering operators full visual control of the wrapping process. Comparable with shrink film only, flat pad and shrink, and tray and shrink wrap styles. The machine can wrap up to 40 cases per minute.
  • CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper offers superb electronics and machinery. Easy to maintain and change over for different product types, the shrinkwrapping machine is equipped with safety clutches on all its moving parts that trip when a torque overload occurs in the drive train. The machine wraps up to 15 cases per minute.

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