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Design of packers for the welding industry

Case packers for welding industry consumables

Celebrating 50 years of excellence, Zambelli designs packing machines for welding industry consumables. Suitable for packaging electrodes and welding wire reels, requiring original high technology, Zambelli packers for the welding industry are robust and reliable.

Design of packers for the welding industry: why choose Zambelli

Zambelli has been in the packaging industry for over fifty years, guaranteeing the expertise necessary to purpose-designed packers for the welding industry.

Zambelli packers for the welding industry

CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper is an automated, continuous motion machine that wraps packing containers with LDPE with the sealing bar method. The shrinkwrapper boasts both reliable mechanics with world-class electronics in a small frame, making it easy to fit into any production line. The machine is also fully equipped with safety clutches that trip in case of torque overload in the drive train.

LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper is an automatic and continuous motion machine that is easy to operate and maintain. The shrinkwrapper boasts a cantilever frame and isolated lubricated areas for extra cleanliness. Adjustable heat and air flow to prevent thermal waste and guarantee perfect wrapping, no matter the shape.

AP200 Case Packer: the Zambelli AP200 Case Packer is a sideloading case packer that can be easily set to new positions thanks to metric rods and handwheels with digital readouts. The machine has transparent access doors, allowing for fast cleaning and maintenance.

AP200W Wrap-Around Case Packer: the Zambelli AP200 Wrap-Around Case Packer is equipped with safety switches connected to the emergency circuit to stop the machine at access door openings.

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