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Robots in the packaging industry

Innovation in packaging technology

The packaging industry has always been a hotbed of innovation. From corrugated materials to the first plastic bags, we've seen a lot of changes in the way we store our products and deliver them to customers.

These days, the biggest innovation in packaging technology is flexible packaging. It's made from a range of materials that are lightweight and durable, yet flexible enough to be folded or rolled up for easy transport. The most common type of flexible packaging is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is also used to make bottles for water and soft drinks.

Flexible packaging makes it easier for companies to package their products more efficiently, and that can translate into huge cost savings for them! The way this work is by using pick-and-place robots, specifically. These robots help companies automate their packaging processes so they can pack more items in less time while still maintaining quality control standards.

How do pick and place robots work? 

Robots have been used in this industry for several years now to perform a variety of tasks such as picking and placing products onto conveyor belts or into shipping containers. These robots are usually controlled by software programs that allow them to be customized for specific tasks. For example: if you need your robot to pick up small boxes from one location and place them onto another conveyer belt then your software program would need certain commands written into it so that the robot knows what to do when it comes across this situation during its operation cycle (i.e.: move forward until reaching box; grab box; move forward until reaching next position on the conveyer belt).

Pick and place robots use sensors to detect objects on a conveyor belt or table. The robot then uses a motor to lift the object off of its surface and carry it over to another location. When the robot reaches its destination, it will lower the object down onto another surface where another robot can take over by placing it into a box or container.

Zambelli Srl: pick and place robots

Innovation in packaging technology is on the rise, and robots are making it possible to meet escalating demand for more efficient processes.

Zambelli Srl has been a leader in innovation in the packaging industry since 1969 when they were founded by Flavio Zambelli as a small family business. Now all Zambelli branded machines support the integration of robotic systems capable of inserting, handling, and applying packaging of different shapes and sizes within complex and non-standard packs.

Depending on the production needs, Zambelli creates tailor-made systems by creating packaging methods suited to the specific requests of the customer. Zambelli Packaging offers on-site or remote assistance, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.