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Food Packaging: the rules of packaging

Food packaging and its design

Food packaging is an activity that requires a lot of knowledge and information with respect to current regulations, there are in fact many rules and many aspects to take into consideration when designing food packaging.

But first: what is meant by "food packaging"? Food packaging is anything that comes into contact with food after it has left the manufacturer and before it reaches your plate. It includes containers used in grocery stores, but also extends to wrappers and labels.

Standards for food packaging

There are many types of food packaging, each with its own set of rules and regulations. To ensure that all these types of foods are safe for consumers, they must all follow rigorous standards set by European regulation. The European public standard UNI 15593/2008 is the certification of the hygienic requirements in the production of food packaging.

There are a number of regulations governing food packaging and design, these regulations may vary by Country, but typically include:

  • the use of biodegradable materials (for example, corn starch)
  • the use of recycled materials (for example, recycled paper)
  • the use of recyclable materials (for example, PET plastic or HDPE)
  • the use of light materials (for example, cardboard)
  • the use of non-toxic or low-toxic inks and paints

Zambelli Packaging: machinery for food packaging

Zambelli Packaging manufactures customized systems for the production of food packaging, each product in this sector requires specific characteristics and know-how. Zambelli manufactures machines for the secondary packaging of food packaging, such as:

  • packaging for packing bricks
  • packaging for packing cans
  • packaging for packing trays and cups
  • packaging for packing jars
  • packaging for packing blocks

and much more.

Depending on the production needs, Zambelli creates tailor-made systems by creating packaging methods suited to the specific requests of the customer. Zambelli Packaging offers on-site or remote assistance, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.