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Cosmetics packaging machines in Canada

Cutting-edge cosmetics packaging machines for the Canadian Market

Zambelli Packaging, an Italian company founded in 1969, specializes in the production of packaging machines and deals with the sale of cosmetics packaging machines in Canada. The solutions developed by Zambelli Packaging for the cosmetic sector are cutting- edge machines, which use the latest technologies and innovations to ensure high quality results and best meet different packaging needs.

Which cosmetics packaging machines are available for the Canadian market?

Zambelli designs and produces different types of packaging machines for cosmetics, an industry where products are packaged in shaped and unstable bottles difficult to handle. Thanks to his experience and a highly trained team of experts, Zambelli can manufacture packaging machines for cosmetics of different sizes and materials, suitable for handling even the smallest and fragile packaging, such as bottles. Among the wide range of cosmetics packaging machines produced by the company you can find:

  • lane dividers, automatic devices specifically designed to collect containers from single lane and divide them into multi lane conveyor by a swing arm;
  • AP200W wrap around case packer, an automatic packer suitable for cartons and flow-packs packaging in wrap around case;
  • FRC case packer suitable to package cartons and flow-packs in RSC (also called pre-glued or American case)
  • WR 20-30-40 Case Packer, a continuous motion machines useful to group and package plastic bottles, jars and pots in cardboard cases, corrugated or solid board.

Why choose Zambelli cosmetics packaging machines?

Zambelli Packaging designs and produces precise, reliable and careful machineries for the cosmetic sector. Zambelli’s solutions guarantees many advantages such as:

  • easy installation and use;
  • resistance and low wear;
  • easy maintenance, making operators more autonomous;
  • energy saving and reduced environmental impact;
  • effective and precise results even with unstable and fragiles bottles

Do you need more information about Zambelli packaging machines in Canada?

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