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Manufacturers of packaging machines for cosmetics

A wide variety of machines to package cosmetics products

Zambelli manufactures packaging machines for the cosmetics industry, capable of handling the variety of bottle shapes and the subsequent instability, guaranteeing reliable and efficient shipping.

Why choose Zambelli to manufacture packaging machines for cosmetics

From lane dividers to case packers and shrinkwrappers, Zambelli manufactures a full range of machines to package cosmetics in all shapes, sizes and materials, from HDPE to glass.

Zambelli manufacturers of packaging machines for cosmetics

  • Lane divider: the Zambelli lane divider uses a servomotor-powered swing arm to collect and divide containers from a single lane. Transparent access doors and safety switches.
  • AP200 Case Packer: the Zambelli AP200 Case Packer features transparent access doors on all sides, making it easy to keep clean and run maintenance.
  • AP200W Wrap-Around Case Packer: the Zambelli AP200 Wrap-Around Case Packer packages cartons and flow packs in wrap-around case. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Safety switches.
  • FRC Case Packer: the Zambelli FRC Case Packer is compatible with cartons and flow packs, sideloading products into RSC. The machine is compatible with both tape or hot glue.
  • WR 20-30-40 Case Packer: the Zambelli WR 20-30-40 Case Packer features a high capacity vertical blank magazine. Easy loading.
  • LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli LFT 20-30-40 Shrinkwrapper guarantees product back pressure control and fast changeover.
  • LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli LFT 50-60-70 Shrinkwrapper allows operators full views of the grouping and wrapping steps. Safety clutches that trip with a torque overload.
  • CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper: the Zambelli CL-CLV Shrinkwrapper is compatible with LDPE film and uses continuous motion packaging. Small enough to fit any production line.

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